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  • *Star Snow Ice & Teriyaki
  • Andy Hair Salon
  • Asian American Chinese Herbs
  • Cafe 101
  • Eason Travel Agent
  • Echo Rite imaging
  • First Central Dental
  • Four Season Travel & Tour
  • Friend's Kitchen
  • Fu Fu Cafe I
  • Gelato Cup Italian Ice Cream
  • Gottesman Law Firm
  • Hong Kong Dim Sum
  • JL Foot Spa
  • Juice Box
  • King Bakery
  • Mike Yuan's Clinic
  • Ming Lu Acupuncture
  • Nu Cafe
  • Physican care & Diagnosic
  • R House
  • Re/Max United
  • Shieh,Lee Company
  • Trann & Sorelle Law Firm
  • Trans Health Clinic
  • USA Gateway Travel
  • Vivi Furniture
  • Yes KTV
  • 安穩保險
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    First Central Dental
    Average Customer Rating:
    Family doctor

    Mike Yuan's Clinic
    Average Customer Rating:

    Physican care & Diagnosic
    Average Customer Rating:
    Physician care

    Trans Health Clinic
    Average Customer Rating:

    Yes KTV
    Average Customer Rating:
    Yes KTV bar and club
    Full service and upscale karaoke bar with cozy and luxuriously private party rooms. YES KTV has the most song selections and the best audio/video equipment in Houston. Also, a B.Y.O.B. karaoke club.

      Oriental Medicine
    Asian American Chinese Herbs
    Average Customer Rating:
    Acupuncture @ Herbs
    Doing acupuncture and chinese herbs for more then 40 years.

    Ming Lu Acupuncture
    Average Customer Rating:
    Oriental medicine

      Pastry shop & fine food
    Gelato Cup Italian Ice Cream
    Average Customer Rating:
    ice cream

    Re/Max United
    Average Customer Rating:
    Real Estate Broker

    *Star Snow Ice & Teriyaki
    Average Customer Rating:
    Snow Ice at Dun Huang Plaza
    One of the original bubble milk teahouses in Houston, Star Snow Ice is still serving up the same delicious boba drink they've been making for decades. Because the drink here is not as creamy as those you'll find at other teahouses, you can really taste the authentic flavor of the milk tea; it isn't masked by an overwhelming amount of sugar. The tapioca balls are prepared to a perfect gelatinous texture. Star Snow Ice can be found at several locations in the southwest part of Houston, so you won't have to go far to grab dessert drinks after enjoying a meal in Chinatown.

    Cafe 101
    Average Customer Rating:
    foods and drinks

    Friend's Kitchen
    Average Customer Rating:
    Chinese restaurant

    Fu Fu Cafe I
    Average Customer Rating:
    Fufu Cafe I
    Chinese food

    Hong Kong Dim Sum
    Average Customer Rating:
    Dim Sum

    Juice Box
    Average Customer Rating:
    juice bar

    Nu Cafe
    Average Customer Rating:
    Chinese restaurant

    R House
    Average Customer Rating:
    Chinese restaurant

      Travel Agent
    Eason Travel Agent
    Average Customer Rating:
    Tour package

    USA Gateway Travel
    Average Customer Rating:
    Wholesale airline tickets and travel package


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